#StackBounty: #javascript #selenium #selenium-webdriver #webdriver-io #firefox-profile How to use socks authentication in webdriverio

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I would like to have SOCKSv5 authentication enabled in my webdriverio application. However it doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

So far i have tried the following configurations:

  1. Setting manually using firefox-profile as followed:
    proxyType: 'manual', 
    socksProxy: ``,
    socksUsername: 'myuser',
    socksPassword: 'mypass'

this didn’t seem to work as pages simply don’t load.

  1. Using FoxyProxy

I have tried setting the url using its api:


Which gave me a warning that something is accessing its configuration and thus declining the request.

Creating a custom firefox profile and then loading that one doesn’t work as i will have to edit proxies during my applications runtime.

Has anybody came across a solution?

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