#StackBounty: #php #node.js #redis #publish-subscribe #autobahn Real time chat in PHP +Redis +Pub/Sub +WebSockets (+NodeJS)

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I want to develop real time chat with channels and these are my needs:

  • PHP backend to manage site
  • Redis as session and data primary storage
  • Pub/Sub to send messages only to channel’s interested users
  • one WebSocket connection with which the messages will be send and received.
  • (optional) NodeJS to use great npm packages like timesync or socket.io

I see two different architectures to achieve this:

  • with Socket.io


  • with Crossbar.io


These are my questions:

  1. Which architecture I should choose and why?
  2. The key is the user id cannot be obtained from client, because it can be malformed. So in the first architecture I think on every socket message I should attach PHPSESSID value from cookie and on sever-side retrieve PHP session from Redis. Am I right or there is better way to get user id?
  3. I wonder if getting user id in second architecture can be done differently?


I choosed Crossbar.io, cause it is very powerful and allows to communicate many different language applications in real time. After studying examples, I come up with this:

  • On every login user have generated secret key in database.
  • PHP client (Thruway) connect to Crossbar server and register custom WAMP-CRA authenticator

  • User’s browser connect to Crossbar server and is challenged. Secret and auth_id (user id) are loaded from DB with page load, so it
    can accomplish challenge and send response.

  • PHP authenticator search in DB for user with provided secret and id equal to auth_id. If there is, then it successfully authenticate
    session. Now we can trust that auth_id is real user id.

These are my question:

  1. How I can get auth_id on subscribe?
  2. I also added cookie authentication and browser is remembered after authentication. But when I look in Chrome DevTools there is any cookie nor value in local storage. Even after clearing cache my browser is still remember by Crossbar. I wonder how it is possible?

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