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In my search for the meaning of life, I stumbled upon a blog post that mentioned that your deployment strategy is not your architecture, it is simply an implementation detail, and as such we need to design for allowing different deployment patterns, whether you want to deploy your system to 1 node or multi-node, or another type of structure.

Do the latest versions of Visual Studio provide some kind of flexibility (besides azure) to be able to deploy services in a variety of strategies?

For example, let’s say I have a solution

    Acme Solution
    --Acme Startup Proj
    --Acme Service A.csproj
    --Acme Service B.csproj
    --Acme Service C.csproj

I want to be able to deploy this entire solution as 1 solution, or I would like to be able to deploy 3 separate binaries, one for each microservice.


What does Visual Studio give you in terms of flexibility of deployment configuration?

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