#StackBounty: #java #graphics #3d #linear-algebra How to fit small cubes into a given volume and represent it graphically on a web page?

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My query is to show programmatically, the fitting of many given non regular (but rectangular) cubes (i.e. boxes) of individually different sizes, inside a larger volume cube, such as a storage unit.

The mathematics part is understood. Like in Linear programming / linear algebra, we can add fit volume of all smaller cubes to find out the best fit for the volume of the larger cube.
The actual requirement is to show or allow this fitting graphically on a web-page, preferably in 3d. If possible, to allow user to interact with the fitting, i.e. shuffling the placement of the cubes, etc.

Also, since I am a Java developer by profession, Java or related languages / frameworks would be my choice. However, I can use any other technology / framework / language if the end results are met.

NB: Weight is also a concern (parameter). There is a maximum weight which can be stacked in any given storage unit.
Also, since storage units can be accessed without permission (by thieves), cost of the cubes stacked in one unit is also limited. The user may desire to fit cubes of higher cost in one unit which has higher security and vice versa.

Example: allow fitting many rectangular boxes containing household electronics in a given room. The boxes maybe of TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, playstations, xbox 360s, etc. The different dimensions of these boxes, is to give you an idea of what to expect while fitting to the limited volume.

If there is any FOSS library / project (or even non FOSS library or project) for the same, a pointer towards it would be welcome.

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