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After setting up a Virtual Network Adapter in VMWare Workstation Pro 12, I have recently been getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN errors in the Host OS sporadically.

What is the cause of this (Did I make a configuration error?) and is there a fix?


  • The error does not occur within the Guest OS
  • Disabling the Virtual Network Adapter in the Host OS resolves the issue
  • Both networks are connecting through IPv4 to the internet
  • The errors appear to occur randomly and last between 1 and 5 minutes
  • The DNS Cache on the Host appears to be functioning normally

The following appears in Windows Event Viewer (Some output is omitted):

Level: Warning
Source: DNS Client Events
Name resolution for the name www.example.com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

What I have tried so far:

  • In both the Virtual Network Adapter and the Host Adapter, I have added DNS Servers from Level3, Verisign, and Google (Each individually and all at once)
  • In both the Host and Guest, I have run ipconfig /release, ipconfig /flushdns, and ipconfig /renew
  • In both the Host and Guest, in an elevated instance of Command Prompt, I have run netsh winsock reset and restarted both the Guest and Host
  • In both the Host and Guest, I have disabled the Firewall and Antivirus
  • On both Chrome and Firefox, I have cleared all cached data

Network Configs:


The following is what is configured inside VMWare Workstation 12 Pro:

  • Network is running as NAT
  • Network IP is
  • DHCP is Enabled, with lease IP addresses in the range of to
  • Gateway in Guest OS is set to
  • No ports are currently forwarded
  • Preferred and Alternative DNS servers are currently set to and

Output of ipconfig /all can be found Here


Output of ipconfig /all can be found Here (Sensitive and irrelevant information is replaced with #)

System Information:

  • Host OS: Windows 10 Home (Version 1607, Build 14393.953)
  • Guest OS: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (Version 1607, Build 14393.447)
  • VMWare Workstation 12 Pro (Version 12.5.5, Build 5234757)

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