#StackBounty: #networking #ssh #scp #wsl WSL – Can't scp-ssh a file from a remote machine to a local machine

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I use a WSL Ubuntu 16.04.02 (fully updated and upgraded) and I Can’t secure copy a file via an scp-ssh sequence.

I already created host keys in WSL via sudo ssh-keygen -A and I already tried to login while the OpenSSH seerver is on, on WSL (I made that sure sudo service ssh start).

My problem:

sudo scp /var/www/html/tiesto USER@IP:/mnt/c/Users/USER/Desktop/


connection timed out

As you can see, I try to copy the file “tiesto” from inside a remote machine, into my local WSL machine but the connection is timed out.

This does not happen when I try to do the same action between two other machines.

Things I already tried to solve it:

  • I already made sure OpenSSH is installed (sudo apt-get install openssh-server).
  • I tried to remove fail2ban (the only IPS I installed) but still couldn’t scp’ing.
  • I didn’t change the native ssh port from 22 to something else.
  • I tried scp’ing into this amchine from 2 different remote machines and in both cases had the same error.

My question:

What might be missing (if at all) in WSL that I could try to add someway so to bring back the scp-ssh functionality?

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