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I have the following randomly generated distribution:

mean=100; sd=15
x <- seq(-4,4,length=100)*sd + mean
hx <- dnorm(x,mean,sd)

plot(x, hx, type="l", lty=2, xlab="x value",
     ylab="Density", main="Some random distribution")

enter image description here

And a “non-random” value

x <- seq(-4,4,length=100)*10 + mean
ux <- dunif(x = x, min=10, max=100)
non_random_value <- ux[1]
# [1] 0.01111111

I’d like to have the statistic that show non_random_value is
significant and doesn’t come up by chance with respect to hx.

What is the reasonable statistics to check that?

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