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I’m looking for a personal CRM kind of system. Only usually CRM is aimed for business and sales. I just like to keep information about people in one place. For example I know people in industry that I speak from time to time and I’d like to keep some personal relevant information close at hand – like ages of kids, wife’s place of work, other tidbits that you usually forget after a while.
I.e. I’m planning to call Mr Smith, so I can quickly look up personal info about Mr. Smith and ask how’s his kids are getting on in school and remind myself their names and ages.

It’s nice to have people remembering irrelevant information about you. I’d like to remember this kind of stuff about people I interact with.

I’ve tried a few CRMs but they are all business oriented. Is there anything out there that can help me?

Ideally it should work on Android and through Web, be able to hook into social media and do search by name.

P.S. It does not have to be free. I’m ready to pay a reasonable monthly fee for this service

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