#StackBounty: #windows-10 #google-chrome #dialog Chrome's modal dialog box stuck off screen. How to move it back permanently?

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Google Chrome throws up a modal dialog box once in a while. This is the box put up by js’s alert() function.

Installing an extension also puts it up. So does this very Stack Exchange website if I hit “back” while writing a post like this one.

It’s modal, so the browser’s UI (the whole browser window, not just the current tab) is frozen while the dialog box is up.

My problem: the dialog box is off screen for me. I can hit <esc> to dismiss it. I can hit <tab> <enter> to accept it. But I can’t see it. The dialog box isn’t represented in the Windows taskbar as a separate window, so I can’t do the old Move trick to move it back onscreen.

I’ve tried obvious stuff like reinstalling the browser.

How do I get this dialog box to be visible again?

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