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I have a series of rows consisting of a button and text, like so:

[Button] [Text]
[Button] [Text]
[Button] [Text]

When I apply the multicol class, they eventually wrap around, like so:

[Button] [Text]   [Button] [Text]
[Button] [Text]   ....

Unfortunately, in many cases, the button or the text gets broken in half when going into the next column. Using “display: inline-block” makes my buttons and text vary in size on different screen resolutions, and makes them spaced strangely.

What is the best way to keep the [Button] [Text] combination from breaking in the column, while keeping each [Button] [Text] combination equally spaced, and looking the same?


div class=”snippet”>


div class=”snippet-code”>

.multicol {
  <!-- Imagine 20-25 of these in a row -->
</div> </div>