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I have a list that collects customer sales data (multiple records can contain the same customer). I am trying to create a view that will show the Top 5 customers based on sales. I need to have the customers grouped, and the sales data summed. Is there an OTTB way to accomplish this?

enter image description here

So I want to show the top 3 customers based on sales

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#StackBounty: #2013 #list #sharepoint-addin #custom-list ContentType List Forms Links from Site Collection to Add-In

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I am currently developing a SharePoint Add-In which has used Add-In internal Lists in which it saved its data. But I am now trying to move the lists out of the Add-In to have more possibilities in administration of these lists such as Event Listeners or Timer Jobs.

I have Custom ContentTypes on one of these Lists and I am also using List Form here to redirect a User to a specific Page within the Add-In with the ListItem-Data.

I am not sure if it is possible to fully move all of the lists out of the Add-In with the Forms and the ContentTypes. The thing is that I am currently redirecting the user to a relative Path of the Add-In if he clicks on a ListItem. But as soon as I move to outside-located Lists I cannot provide a static URL into the Add-In (Which I need for my functionality). (SharePoint always change the URL of the Add-Ins)

Is my problem clear and is here anyone who can help me?

EDIT: I only have the following link besides the “pure” app-url:

But with this URL I cannot provide any parameters to my sharepoint-hosted app/add-in.

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#StackBounty: #list #powershell #site-column #validation How to add custom validation for multiline text

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I have created the list with fields like Title(single line text), URL(multiline text).I want to set custom url validation for URL column. how to achive this in powershell

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K random combinations of N elements in List in Java

Given a List of N Strings, generate and print all possible combinations of RĀ elements in array and return X random combinations from the result. Following is the code for implementing it: