#StackBounty: #16.04 #drivers #nvidia #graphics #screen Screen Rendering Issues

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I have a laptop with a NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 940MX] (rev a2) graphics card, using NVIDIA Driver Version: 381.22.

Recently I have been having issues with the screen rendering on all programs. For instance, when typing into a web test box (like this) the characters are not getting displayed until either a delay or losing focus.
Also if I double click on a word (to highlight it) the edges goes blue (to show word is selected) but the middle part under the mouse cursor does not.

As the example below, double click on the word highlight and only the left couple of characters have highlighted, the area under the mouse is uneffected.
enter image description here

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#StackBounty: #16.04 #nvidia #xorg #brightness #backlight nvidia backlight brightness problem

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Unity shows control while I press the Fn+Increase/Descrese brightness, but nothing happens. In console brightness doesn’t work too while X server is running.

Checked solutions

I have tried ALL POSSIBLE solutions of this problem in google and nothing works:

  1. write acpi_backlight in grub
  2. reinstall drivers with apt purge nvidia*
  3. write “EnableBrightnessControl=1” in xorg.conf
  4. install nvidia-375.66, nvidia-378.13, 381.22, 384.47
  5. “xbacklight -set X” doesn’t work
  6. changing /sys/class/backlight/brightness
  7. update linux kernel from 4.8 to 4.10 and 4.12
  8. replace EDID from old matrix (it breaks everything)
  9. setpci -v -H1 -s 00:01.0 3e.W=0 and then change backlight using Fn+keys.
  10. xrandr –output DP-0 –brightness 0.5 — bad solution

My system and situation

I used N173HHE-G32 display matrix in my laptop before and everything was OK. But today I’ve replaced it to B173HAN01.2 and this problem has started. On Windows 10 I’ve solved it by reinstalling drivers on nvidia-376 from official MSI website.

So, I can see the next sequence: at laptop start brightness is maximum, then it is minimum (and working) while “initramfs …” text is showing in console. And after X server starts brightness is maximum (broken) again. When X server stops brightness is working again!

MSI GT73VR 7RF, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, NVidia GeForce GTX1080, B173HAN01.2 display matrix

uname -a 
4.8.0-58-generic #63~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 26 18:08:51 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

lspci | grep -i vga
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1be0 (rev a1)


But when I use nvidia-378 it WORKS! Unfortunately
378 has a critical bugs after suspend mode in Unity interface :(((

Please help, my eyes are in blood (it’s very bright for them) and I don’t know what to do…

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#StackBounty: #nvidia #kvm #qemu #headless Headless Passthrough: QEMU-KVM NVidia

Bounty: 50

Is it possible to run VM and instead of sending picture to monitor, encode VM screen as x264 video stream and send stream over network?

PS I have OpenGL app that runs on Linux and I wish to stream video that app is generating.

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#StackBounty: #nvidia #display-resolution 17.04 Display scaling reverting to 1 after resume from suspend?

Bounty: 50

I’ve recently done a clean install of 17.04 on a machine with an Nvidia 750Ti card and a Dell 4K monitor. I’m using the Nvidia binary driver 381.09.

All this works great apart from the fact that the display scaling I set in the Ubuntu Screen Display settings always reverts back to 1 when the machine resumes after suspend. I need to set it at 1.5 otherwise everything goes tiny (BTW why doesn’t Ubuntu scale to a sensible default with 4K monitors?)

Does anyone else get this? I can’t find any mention of it elsewhere.

BTW I’ve tried the Nouveau driver and that doesn’t wake up my screen at all after suspend. So that route’s a non-starter.

Edit: Looks like it’s been reported as a confirmed bug here Will monitor to see if anything happens.

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#StackBounty: #boot #16.04 #nvidia Extremely long boot after installing Nvidia drivers

Bounty: 50

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and after some time (I guess this started to happen after I updated Nvidia drivers) my computers began to boot very slowly. I tried to deactivate some unneeded services but it didn’t help.
I ran dmesg and I noticed some really large gaps. Here is the full log:

I hope someone will help me with this.


systemd-analyze blame | head

2min 16.363s docker.service
23.442s rabbitmq-server.service
16.774s grub-common.service
15.149s postgresql@9.5-main.service
13.691s dev-sda1.device
11.113s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
9.852s ModemManager.service
9.278s accounts-daemon.service
8.372s iio-sensor-proxy.service
8.176s apparmor.service

lspci -k | grep -iEA3 '3D|VGA'

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)
    Subsystem: Acer Incorporated [ALI] 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller
    Kernel driver in use: i915
    Kernel modules: i915
01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK208M [GeForce GT 740M] (rev a1)
    Subsystem: Acer Incorporated [ALI] GK208M [GeForce GT 740M]
    Kernel driver in use: nvidia
    Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau, nvidia_375_drm, nvidia_375


After disabling some services, this is what systemd-analyze blame | head returns:

 13.900s dev-sda1.device
 12.040s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
 10.572s ModemManager.service
  9.424s accounts-daemon.service
  8.030s apparmor.service
  7.827s grub-common.service
  7.356s systemd-logind.service
  6.810s rsyslog.service
  6.769s avahi-daemon.service
  6.766s bluetooth.service

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#StackBounty: #drivers #nvidia #vulkan vulkaninfo problem with gt555

Bounty: 50

i have laptop with the NVidia gt555 and I’m trying to run vulkan under Ubuntu 16.04

using NVidia driver 375.66 (latest at the moment)
nvidia driver

when i run vulkaninfo i receive this error
enter image description here

help me to fix the issue pls

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#StackBounty: #16.04 #drivers #nvidia #xorg #display-resolution Duplicate screen on Nvidia not working

Bounty: 50

I have an issue with multi-screen on my new computer with Ubuntu 16.04.

My new computer is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming. http://www.dell.com/fr/p/inspiron-15-7567-laptop/pd?oc=cn56705&model_id=inspiron-15-7567-laptop

I install the proprietary driver for my nvidia graphic card

I can switch between my intel card and my nvidia card.

The problem is when I want to connect an other screen. First it is only work when the Nvidia card is selected not the intel one but fine maybe that normal.

But now with the Nvidia card all work grate in mirror mode but when I want to duplicate screen both displays are going to wrong resolution with no mouse control on my primary screen and strange mouse control on duplicate screen (can’t make correct screen shot but you can imagine what is a screen with a clompletly wrong resolution.

I have searched a lot for what going on and the only think I have found is that my built in screen have no settings in nvidia settings.

Like I can only post 2 link here is a link to all the screenshot :

In this page I have found I see both configuration and not one :

help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaMultiMonitors (can’t put a link her sorry)

Do you have any idea of what is wrong with my computer ?

Other screen shot informations and Xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log:

Section "ServerLayout"
    Identifier "layout"
    Screen 0 "nvidia"
    Inactive "intel"

Section "Device"
    Identifier "intel"
    Driver "modesetting"
    BusID "PCI:0@0:2:0"
    Option "AccelMethod" "None"

Section "Screen"
    Identifier "intel"
    Device "intel"

Section "Device"
    Identifier "nvidia"
    Driver "nvidia"
    BusID "PCI:1@0:0:0"
    Option "ConstrainCursor" "off"

Section "Screen"
    Identifier "nvidia"
    Device "nvidia"
    Option "AllowEmptyInitialConfiguration" "on"
    Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "CRT"

pastebin.com/D4ckLAY3 (can’t make a link sorry)

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#StackBounty: #linux-mint #kde #nvidia #proprietary-drivers Wrong color shown in dual monitor

Bounty: 50

i have a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 and i’m running Linux Mint 18.1 Serena with KDE, proprietary driver NVIDIA 375.66.

My primary monitor is an AOC I2481FXH and the secondary is an ASUS ML248.

I’m getting wrong colors on the primary monitor.I wrote a simple HTML page to show the issue, setting a div element with grey background (#F0F0F0).

Here is a photo taken from my smartphone to show the difference, on the right you can see the correct color.enter image description here

Is there a way to fix that? I’ve already tried to disable the secondary monitor, running Linux with only one monitor but the colors are always wrong.
Windows isn’t affected by this bug at all and colors are the same.

EDIT: Here is xrandr --current --verbose output:


Problem persists with open-source drivers (xserver-xorg-video-nouveau v 1:1.0.12-1build2). Secondary monitor does not turn on and the main monitor has always wrong colors.

With just the left monitor connected and proprietary drivers the problem is still here.

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#StackBounty: #16.04 #nvidia #suspend #shutdown #intel-graphics Cannot shutdown/suspend/restart on intel graphics Ubuntu 16.04

Bounty: 50

When using intel graphics:

Whenever I close the laptop lid or restart / shutdown using GUI or terminal commands, it goes into a black screen with a single “_” at the top left corner, and hangs. Only long-pressing the power button would shut down the computer.

However, when I use sudo prime-select nvidia to switch over to nvidia, everything works fine.

Is there a way to fix this problem? On NVIDIA my battery only lasts like ~2hrs max, and it’s really annoying to use the power button to shutdown the laptop.


Intel 7700HQ,
NVIDIA 1060GTX, kernel 4.8

Thank you!!

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#StackBounty: #nvidia #xubuntu #multiple-monitors #suspend Can't resume from suspend with dual monitors on Xubuntu 16.04

Bounty: 50

I am running Xubuntu 16.04 with NVidia GeForce 1080 and dual monitor setup. After entering “suspend” I can’t resume OS. The screens are black (no signal) and the system is not running (it is not possible to turn it off with a power off button). What’s important, everything is fine if I am using only a single display.

What did not help thus far:

  1. Switching to different interface (DP -> DVI)
  2. Entering suspend from text terminal (ctrl+alt+F1)
  3. This post

Any ideas?

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