duplicate import try, using auto-import=”false”

How to use same entity class in two different packages in hibernate?

Source : http://isolasoftware.it/2011/10/14/hibernate-and-jpa-error-duplicate-import-try-using-auto-importfalse/

Using Hibernate and JPA you cannot have two classes with the same name (on different packages) mapped. This raise an error at runtime:
Caused by: org.hibernate.DuplicateMappingException: duplicate import: MyClass refers to both

To solve this issue on the Entity annotation of com.intre.MyClass and com.dummy.Class add the property name.

package com.intre;
@Entity(name = "com.intre.myclass")
@Table(name = "MyClass")
public class MyClass

package com.dummy;
@Entity(name = "com.dummy.myclass")
@Table(name = "MyClass")
public class MyClass

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