How to show Popup programmatically in Oracle ADF

When trying to open a Popup on JSF/JSFF page programmatically through Managed Bean, use the following method and pass the ID of the popup to the method:

 public void openPopup(String popupId) {
         ExtendedRenderKitService erkService =
         "var hints = {autodismissNever:true}; " +
         "AdfPage.PAGE.findComponent('" + popupId +

On the button , write a method on the action event.
 public void ShowPopup(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
          RichPopup.PopupHints hints = new RichPopup.PopupHints();

If you want to hide the can write like this

  public void HidePopup(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
           RichPopup.PopupHints hints = new RichPopup.PopupHints();

General use is when you wish to call the a popup from a button press but first want to execute some actions/processings in the screen on the button click.

In the button on the JSFF, just add a actionListener and then call the openPopup() method from the action listener or any other method you wish to.

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