REST Application in Java

Below are the basic steps to create a working REST API Application in java, using Eclipse.
The demo shows just a “To Uppercase String” application


  • In Eclipse, create a new Project(Dynamic Web Project)
  • Create the new Project and give it a suitable name.
  • after project creation, right click on the project, and select Configure-> Convert to Maven Project
  • After process completion, a pom.xml would be made available.
  • Add the dependencies from the pom.xml that I have presented below.
  • Create new Class as sample shown below and create methods that you need to expose.
  • Add business logic as per need.
  • Add Annotations to the class as shown below
  • In the Web Content folder, modify the web.xml as shown in the sample web.xml

The basic mode is complete. Now just configure your local web server and deploy your application to the web server.

Use any REST Client like Postman(Chrome Plugin) to test the app.

Code Samples

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