#StackBounty: How can I deploy rolling OS upgrades & reboots with Puppet or Mcollective?

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I’m looking for the best way to perform regular rolling upgrades for my infrastructure.

Typically, this involves doing this on each host, one at a time:

sudo yum update -y && sudo reboot

But, I’m hitting limits of that being a scalable.

I want to only reboot one node at a time within each of my roles, so that, say, I don’t take down all of my load balancers, or DB cluster members, at the same time.

Ideally, I’d wanna do something like:

for role in $(< roles_list.txt) ; do
    mco package update_all_and_reboot 
        --batch 1 --batch-sleep 90 
        -C $role -F environment=test

But, that doesn’t quite seem to exist. I’m not sure if using the “shell” agent is the best approach, either?

mco shell run 'yum update -y && reboot' 
    --batch 1 --batch-sleep 90

Am I just looking at the wrong sort of tool for this job, though? Is there something better for managing these sort of rolling reboots, but that I can somehow link up with my Puppet-assigned roles, so that I can be comfortable that I’m not taking down anything important all at once, but that I can still do some parallel updates & reboots?

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