#StackBounty: Imagemagick not supported in Emacs on windows?

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Update: As of early October 2016 emacs for windows does not support ImageMagick versions 7.x or greater as discussed here and here.

Presumably some combination of an earlier version of emacs for windows and ImageMagick prior to version 7.x should work. Is anybody using emacs for windows with functioning ImageMagick support (resizing images etc.)? If so, please let us know which versions of each you are using.

I want to resize images displayed inline in org mode. Apparently this requires Emacs to be compiled with Imagemagick. I need Emacs for windows, but have not found a version compiled with Imagemagick. Can someone point me to a version of Emacs for windows compiled with Imagemagick?

If I have to build a version myself, I noticed the official nt/insall.64 claims:

we need to disable Imagemagick because Emacs does not yet support it
on Windows.

Is this still true?

Note, my version of Emacs for windows does have support to display images, but it is unable to resize images.

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