#StackBounty: Copying files using MTP leads to 99% disk utilization

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Since Android phones are no longer mounted as an external drive I’m having an issue with a copying of large amount of photos from the phone (no matter what – LG G3, Galaxy S7) to the laptop (Windows 10).

It starts at pretty good speed – I can see file name changing 3-4 times per second in the copying dialog – and then getting slower and slower till the moment when single file name could be displayed for up to 10 sec.

I would probably just live with it but I found that laptop’s performance degrades as well during this process as copying brings 99% disk utilization while transfer speed is far below the maximum for the SSD:

99% Disk utilization with transfer speed of 1.4MB/s

How to track down and fix the reason it is happening?

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