#StackBounty: GameCenter Leaderboard will not update after release

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GameCenter has been working fine before release when updating the high scores. Now, it has been over 24 hours and the highscores will not update at all. Instead, it only shows my score in “Today” and does not share it with anyone nor can I see anyone else’s score although they have played the game.

Prior to the release it worked fine.

Here is what I have done,

Enabled GameCenter in Xcode

enter image description here

Created the Leaderboard in iTunes Connect

enter image description here

Enabled Leaderboard for App

enter image description here

Added correct methods to authenticate player & show leaderboard

enter image description here

Added correct methods to send scores

enter image description here

It all worked in the app prior to launch and updated scores to everyone. Now it just updates scores for that one person with their own score.

I have even deleted my own scores within iTunes Connect and it will not update on any devices and just keeps the score prior to deleting.

This is the Today section even after many people played

enter image description here

This is how All Time looks, it has not updated once since release

enter image description here

There are multiple questions like this but are not recent and deal with the sandbox (which was eliminated) and everything seems correct

Is there a crucial step I am missing? Are Apple’s servers down? Does it just take very long for new apps to update leaderboards?

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