#StackBounty: Where does sharepoint store the "Video Rendition" info

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I am working on a Team Site collection inside SharePoint on-premise 2013, and i have enabled the publishing infrastructure featres.
now i want to add a Video inside my discussion board list, so i did the following:-

  1. create new Discussion board item.
  2. inside the Body field, i went to “Insert” >> “Video and audio” >> “From computer”. i select a video named admin.mp4

enter image description here

so a new video named admin.mp4 was uploaded to the images library correctly.

  1. then i wanted to upload an updated version of this video, so i repeat the same steps , where i make sure that i have checked a check box named “Add new version to existing files”.

  2. But now after i click on the “ok” to upload the new version of the video, the content type i will get will be “Video Rendition” instead of “Video”.

enter image description here

And when i completed the upload process i have noticed that the original video which i have uploaded inside the images library is still on version 1, and i could not find where the new “Video Rendition” info is being stored ???

Can anyone adivce on this please?


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