#StackBounty: Firebase invites says invitation sent but never is received

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I’ve trying to send invitations with Firebase Invites. When select an email from a contact, Firebase says that has sent the invitation, but the email is never received.

On the console the SHA1 certicates are configurated.

The errorcode returned is always RESULT_OK and the number of invitations returned from AppInviteInvitation.getInvitationIds is correct.

The SDK is updated on gradle with the latest version, 10.0.1, like explained on the documentation.

The code that creates the invitation is:

Intent intent = new AppInviteInvitation.IntentBuilder(title)
                .setOtherPlatformsTargetApplication(AppInviteInvitation.IntentBuilder.PlatformMode.PROJECT_PLATFORM_IOS, IOS_CLIENT_ID)

Any ideas?

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