#StackBounty: Program for mass-managing audio cards

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I am looking to do simultaneous translation of a conference we are hosting. I would prefer to have the mixing for this project on computer; ideally Ubuntu, as that is what I am the most familiar with. Basically, the software must be able to:

  1. Input from one audio card (wired to speaker’s mic)
  2. Record from that input
  3. Output that input to an output on the same card (earphones for me)*
  4. Input from a second audio card (microphone for me)
  5. Output to the second audio card (to a mixer attached to the earphones of those who are having the simultaneous translation done)

What are my options? Is there such a program on Ubuntu?

* This would be optional, since I could split the signal to 1. the computer for recording and 2. my earphones

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