#StackBounty: Columns of green pixels always on after screen replacement

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So I just replaced the LCD panel on my Thinkpad T420, after I slipped on some very icy stairs last week while it was in my backpack and cracked the screen. After installing the new screen, whole columns of green pixels are stuck on. This is a step up from shattered LCD, but it does make things hard to see and (obviously) very badly green tinted. Here’s a picture of what it looks like:

screen closeup showing columns of green pixels over various colors

The new screen arrived in good looking condition, except for one slightly bent mounting bracket, and was well packaged, so I don’t expect it was damaged in shipping. There were no problems with this before the fall/replace. Here are my hypotheses on what the problem might be:

  • The screen is defective (in which case I need to contact the seller about it soon)
  • I accidentally damaged the LCD cable during the install (it was attached to the old panel with very strong tape and required a moderate amount of force to remove)
  • Something other than the old screen was damaged or knocked loose when I fell

My intuition is leading me to favor the “I damaged the cable” explanation, but I’m really not sure. Does anyone have any idea what the most probable cause is, before I buy a new cable (they’re not too pricey but shipping will probably be expensive)?

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