#StackBounty: Unable to modify(update) posts – Page not found

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For couple of days I am experiencing issues with modifying some of my posts.
When I try to modify the content of post, I get 404 error, redirecting me that page is not found.

Doing Google research, with all basic tests, clear cache, browser, enable/disable plugins, changing permalinks, etc, I’ve found this on WP forum, saying that Apache’s ModSecurity is causing issues:



However, this doesn’t work for me, because I don’t option in Cpanel to disable ModSecurity – disabled from hosting company.

I’ve got this response from them:

Mod_sec is an important server level security feature. We are not
going to disable mod_sec.

Certain WordPress posts (such as ones that appear to be SQL injection
attacks) may trigger mod_sec, but it certainly is not all WordPress

Is there any work-around to solve this? I have a SSH access, bit limited, but may helps.

Also, I am not 100% sure about – but I’ve noticed that I can(haven’t test all) update my old posts.

Posts that are ~ 5-6m old are throwing 404 error.
WP version is 4.7.2


The only option I have now, is to do a backup of production site, load on my locahost, update posts and push it back to production.

However, this isn’t convenient at all. 🙁
Does anyone have a solution?

Please help!

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