#StackBounty: #seo #schema.org How to present dictionary and its dictionary entries using schema.org?

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The website contains a bilingual dictionary with several thousand dictionary entries. Each entry is generated into own web page that is indexed by Search engines. (in other words, there are several thousand web pages)

Entry - the Name of the Dictionary
Url of the entry page

The entry and the name of the Dictionary is correct (it is loaded from the name of the page). I would like to improve the Information section of the search result (now it shows the conjugation information that can be found later in the page).

Can I display the correct information by adding schema.org microdata? Are the items correctly nested inside the Book?

the Name of the Dictionary
the whole Entry
</div> </div>

I use meta description in the head of the document. Information there is general about the dictionary. It seems that this information is replaced by more relevant information directly from the web page.

<meta name="description" content="the Description of the Dictionary">

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