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First off, this seems like a fairly basic function required for ecommerce.

I was presented with a question today, “Will our new website give reporting so accounting can be done from within the website?”

The answer: “Yes! With Commerce reporting module and Views.”

Then came the followup question, “Great! So we will be able to add partial refunds, full refunds and discounts to existing orders within the site, have our payment gateway (PayPal) receive the discount/refund requests and have all of this show up in our reporting exports?”

The answer to that: “UMMMMMMM……..”

Simple example: Customer purchases two items. Item #2 was a mistake. He requests a refund. We are presented with a question: Does the refund get issued from within Drupal Commerce or within the payment gateway?

What are the solutions for dealing with this?

Does the company still have to rely on the payment gateway (and its ever-changing, unstable export features) for reporting? If so, how does Drupal account for any changes made to a ticket (i.e. refunds, manual discounts)?

If not, how do I set up commerce to get the reporting accurate to include refunds and any line item price corrections?

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