#StackBounty: #pdf #image-viewer #pdf-viewer Fast PDF Viewer Software that take advantage of multi-core processors and caching

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Opening a scanned PDF book with lot of embedded JPG pictures with original Adobe Acrobat is something slow even if loading poor quality jpg embedded pictures and a SSD 500-1500 MB/s fast.

Generally a single core is used during the loading and scrolling process, and cache isn’t kept very updated so browsing and scrolling across multiple pictures results as a pain.

For my work I often need to browse between lot of full graphic (no ocr or txt) pdf files.

What I would like is a light and fast pdf viewer that I could use instead of native Acrobat PDF Reader.

I want would like pdf being loaded instantly like when in some softwares you open a dir of JPG files. Keeping the images in cache, use even a lot of ram and all of my multi core processor is something that I would like.

Even using a bit of the GPU is a nice addon.


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