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Ok, I’m going to try and describe this and I hope it makes sense.

When I turn on my screen (while my phone is locked), I see all my notifications. For example, I will have some gmail notifications, some text message notifications, some calendar notifications.

While I’m looking at these notifications, or about to swipe them away, they rearrange themselves. It’s not because I get a new email/text message. It’s seemingly for no reason. While I’m looking at an email notification which is originally below my calendar notification, or about to swipe it away, maybe it’ll shift locations to be above the calendar notification. And then it’ll switch back. This behavior is especially prevalent when I “expand” a notification such as an email so that I can read part of the message from the lock screen. It happens seemingly randomly, and can cause me to swipe away a message that I don’t mean to because it swaps locations when I’m not expecting. It’s also terribly annoying to be reading a message and have other notifications going above and below it intermittently.

  1. Does anyone know how to keep notifications from rotating positions on the lock screen? (when no new notifications are even appearing)
  2. Is this a bug or is this the desired behavior? If it is the desired behavior, what purpose would this be for?

Does anyone else notice this happening to them? I wish I could capture a gif of this behavior to make it explicitly clear what I’m talking about.

I’m using Android 7.1.1 on a Pixel.

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