#StackBounty: #javascript #html #google-chrome #email Chrome email field autocomplete options not showing for my website

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As I visit many new websites for the first time, I see that:

  1. For some websites, putting my cursor in the email field of signup form immediately shows me email options from what I had entered in other websites.
  2. For other websites, putting my cursor in the email field does not give me any email options. And, I have to manually type every letter of the email.

I couldn’t find what piece of code differentiates the two cases. For my website, I am stuck with #2. I am trying to achieve #1, where user can just re-use emails entered in other websites.

I used some code like this:

<input type="email" name="email" id="frmEmailA" placeholder="name@example.com" required autocomplete="email">

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