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I have spent the last Severn days trying to get this working but guides out there are either vague or outdated at the bottom of this post I have added links to some of the guides I tried to follow. I have a dedicated machine at hetzner and I want to setup virtualisation I can create the vm’s no problem the issue I have is with networking, on the hetzner network you can’t use a simple bridge because they route any additional subnets to your hosts main ip and won’t accept packets if the mac address does not match the host machine.

I have worked out that I need to use routed networks to route my subnet through my eth0 connection I have tried again and again and I can never get the networking to work I can never access out of my vm at all not even to dom0, I can usually ssh into the servers from the address I assigned it from dom0 I have run tcpdump and ping packets are reaching dom0 when they are mean’t for a domU but it is just stopping there and not getting to the domU.

The one solution I tried was to use virtualizor and that worked first time my idea then was to just take the config of that and replicate it without the control panel as I don’t need one and paying for something I don’t need seems pointless to me as I am the only user of this machine and its vm’s.

I am using debian based operating systems and the xl tool as I am mainly using Debian Jessie, I want to OS to be within a reasonable support range for security updates I have also tried Ubuntu from 14.04 upwards. I think the issue is the interfaces file setup but I don’t know whats wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated

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