#StackBounty: #facebook #facebook-pages Why does one Facebook page show a "Apps" sidebar section while another doesn't?

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I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this, but I’ve been unable to find any decent answer. After the layout change this fall, the Apps section box on the left side was replaced with a list of all page tabs.

However, some pages now have an Apps box in their right sidebar, and I’ve been unable to find out why it’s available on some pages but not on others. Going through the page settings lead me nowhere, and selecting “Edit” to rearrange the sidebar sections just show the three sections that is already shown on pages without the Apps section.

Example from page where the Apps section is available

Example where the Apps section in the sidebar is visible

Example from page where the Apps section isn’t available

Example without any Apps section

Anyone have any experience with why this happens? Is it an a/b test thingie, or have I missed how I’d enable this feature for both pages?

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