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As shown in the screenshot (sorry it’s in French), Google Messenger does not display links under phone numbers on my Moto G4 Plus (Moto G4 has the same problem).

In this case I was expecting (like my previous phone) an hyperlink on ‘555507’, allowing me to directly call this number.

The same SMS within the same app on another phone (Fairphone FP1U or HTC Desire 500) shows the link.

How can I configure Messenger or Moto G4 to have such links ?

Update after contacting Motorola customer service:
They say it’s related to the quotes, but I am not sure at all. I have seen in my history many numbers that do not have quote, and still they are not hyperlinks. My opinion is that they link only when number has more than 7(?) digits.

Google Messenger on Moto G4 Plus

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