#StackBounty: #sass #materializecss #vuejs2 #vuejs How to override materializecss sass variables in vue?

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I’d like to change variables in materialize _variables.scss e.g.

$primary-color: color("materialize-red", "lighten-2") !default;
$primary-color-light: lighten($primary-color, 15%) !default;
$primary-color-dark: darken($primary-color, 15%) !default;

In my Vue 2 main.js I include materialize style like this


Because of !default I guess I need to include my _variables.scss before including materialize, but I don’t know how.

So what’s the proper way to set my own variables e.g. $primary-color: color("blue", "lighten-2") (I want to use predefined palette from materialize _colors.scss)?

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