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I have set up a Postfix mail server which uses Courier in order to provide an SMTP service. On my server there is a user called joe.

I used alias maps to make mail to test@example.com redirect to joe using test: joe in my /etc/aliases. Seeing as there is just one email address and one domain, I don’t want to use MySQL to manage aliases as this seems to be a massive overkill for my scenario.

I have two questions…

  1. People can send mail to joe@example.com as well as test@example.com and it will still go to the account joe. I don’t particularly want this, primarily as I am worried people could start spamming system user accounts. Is there a way to disable this?

  2. When I use Courrier-IMAP to login to IMAP, is there a way I can login with test or test@example.com as my username rather than joe? I would not like to create a user called test if at all possible.

Thanks 🙂

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