#StackBounty: #7 #drupal-commerce #rules #payment-gateway How to make a Drupal Commerce withdrawal?

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I’m implementing a site where users pay for submissions and reviewers get paid. Drupal Commerce with Commerce Credits allows me to buy credits using Paypal and to pay on site with credits for submitting content.

Reviewers receive credits for performing the review, when they reach a certain amount I want them to offer the possibility to withdraw credits through Paypal.

I had a look at modules like Commerce Funds (broken) and Commerce-Marketplace (withdrawal not implemented yet) and Paypal Adaptive Payments (not public anymore), did I miss anything?

Is there anything I can do to automatize this process with rules? I could transfer credits to a withdrawal user account and manually make the transaction with Paypal. Any hints how to automatize this process and trigger a Paypal payment to users credit card?

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