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I need to find (and draw rect around)/get max and min radius blobs on the image. that looks like this

enter image description here
the problem is to find correct filters for the image that will allow Canny or Threshold transformation to highlight the blobs. then I going to use findContours to find the rectangles.

I’ve tryed:

  • Threshold – with different level

  • blur->erode->erode->grayscale->canny

  • change image tone with variety of “lines”

and ect. the better result was to detect piece (20-30%) of blob. and this info not allowed to draw rect around blob. also, thanks for shadows, not related to blob dots were detected, so that also prevents to detect the area.

as I understand I need to find counter that has hard contrast (not smooth like in shadow). Is there any way to do that with openCV?

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