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There are plenty of programs regarding the alternation of the cursor appearance, especially for the Mac OS in which one can change the look of the cursor, on for example mouse events, with beautiful animations and figures. I was looking for an identical replacement of the Mouseposé app for Windows 10, but I was not fortunate enough, so far. If you do know of such an app, then please acquaint with me with.
However, I’ve found some that work pretty good (but not as desired) for Windows, like the CursorFX and the SpotOn TheMouse; the former looks appropriate, but it’s not visually compatible with the icons of Windows 10 and so does the latter, but it suffers from a low quality.

What I want to ask is apart from the aforementioned apps. Some scripts could be written for hot keys in Windows, but according to the answer given in this post, something alike the following will be produced as a result:

enter image description here

As you can see, the Ctrl key is replaced with the mouse buttons and creates a functionality alike the aforementioned apps. But this default Windows 10 animation is so ugly, monstrous, very quick and inappropriate.

I want to create a situation, if possible, through the AutoHotKey script in which the following gorgeous SVG animation to appear when the mouse button clicks. How do I do this?
Thanks for all your helps.

enter image description here

The animated SVG (Spinning-Circles.SVG) file (you can play it by opening it in a browser other than IE)
The animation I want to have at the click location in Windows 10.

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