#StackBounty: #ios #swift Error: Invalid Swift Support when uploading a build to iTunes Connect

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I’m submitting my first build for TestFlight distribution and am getting the following error. Bitcode is turned off. Other answers seem decently old so figured I’d re-ask for 2018.

Invalid Swift Support – The files libswiftDarwin.dylib, libswiftMetal.dylib, libswiftCoreAudio.dylib, libswiftsimd.dylib, libswiftQuartzCore.dylib, libswiftos.dylib, libswiftObjectiveC.dylib, libswiftDispatch.dylib, libswiftCoreGraphics.dylib, libswiftCoreFoundation.dylib, libswiftUIKit.dylib, libswiftCoreMedia.dylib, libswiftAVFoundation.dylib, libswiftCore.dylib, libswiftFoundation.dylib, libswiftCoreImage.dylib aren’t at the expected location /Payload/MyApp.app/Frameworks. Move the file to the expected location, rebuild your app using the current public (GM) version of Xcode, and resubmit it.

I have a .dylib file that I compile for my project that lives at ./MyProj/Core/lib.dylib. I saw this browsing around as well

It’s likely you have a plain dylib outside of a framework somewhere, which is only supported on macOS. Please review the Troubleshooting section of Tech Note 2435 for more context.

If having a bare dylib is indeed the cause of the problem, please file a bug for an error message that clearly explains this.

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