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Hi all ( especially Marius 🙂 )

I have an annoying problem with my Mag 1.9.x modules created using the, otherwise great, ultimate module creator. When an item/entity is given a friendly URL and initially saved then all is great. However, if the item/entity is reloaded, edited in some way and saved then the friendly URL (unchanged) is seen as a duplicate of the existing URL and then appends -1, -2, -3….and so on for each save. This then means the proper/original URL no longer works and the URL changes with each edit. It is possible to go back and then remove the -1 (or whatever number it has reached) as the original no longer exists as a URL.

It seems that this might not be specific to UMC modules but any entity types that are not products, categories or otherwise inbuilt to Magento. I wondered if there was a known fix for this as I am already fiddling with overwriting the core to check if the found matching url actually belongs to the same item as you are currently saving so not to update it but it is proving troublesome and seems to impact quite a lot of things.


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