#StackBounty: #windows #ffmpeg ffmpeg can't find a window title of which contains accented characters

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Windows10 64 bit operating system.
When I’m using the following command

ffmpeg.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 16 -i title="Bassano_Virtus_55_ST_vs_FC_Südtirol" -b:v 768k  -s "1024x768" -loglevel verbose test.flv

i’m getting this error:

[gdigrab @ 0000000002677600] Can't find window 'Bassano_Virtus_55_ST_vs_FC_S├╝dtirol', aborting.
title=Bassano_Virtus_55_ST_vs_FC_S├╝dtirol: Input/output error

At the same time, when I’m using this command without accented characters, everything is working.
Thank you.

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