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I have tried pretty much everything at this point and I cannot get anything to work in ie.

I need ie to download base64 documents from an attachment panel. I have no access to the server side code or database. The images cannot be stored in a folder to be pulled up, they need to be presented this way.

I have tried using a plain link and sticking the base64 sting in there and it just opens up a new blank window.

<a target="_blank" download class="btn btn-primary downloadAttachment" href="' + blobUrl + '" >Download</a>

I have tried turning the url into a blob and opening the blob and that resulted in the browser not doing anything.

function base64toBlob(base64Data, contentType) {
    contentType = contentType || '';
    var sliceSize = 1024;
    var byteCharacters = base64Data;
    var bytesLength = byteCharacters.length;
    var slicesCount = Math.ceil(bytesLength / sliceSize);
    var byteArrays = new Array(slicesCount);

    for (var sliceIndex = 0; sliceIndex < slicesCount; ++sliceIndex) {
        var begin = sliceIndex * sliceSize;
        var end = Math.min(begin + sliceSize, bytesLength);

        var bytes = new Array(end - begin);
        for (var offset = begin, i = 0 ; offset < end; ++i, ++offset) {
            bytes[i] = byteCharacters[offset].charCodeAt(0);
        byteArrays[sliceIndex] = new Uint8Array(bytes);
    return new Blob(byteArrays, { type: contentType });

I am completely and totally stuck. I have tried everything from google and on here.

My two latest attempts here



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