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I am trying to suppress network printers showing up under Settings/Devices/Printers on my Ubuntu 17.10 (Gnome) desktop. It’s my desktop in my office and all the printers in this building appear under Settings/Devices/Printers.

I have edited /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf as:

BrowseRemoteProtocols none
BrowseLocalProtocols none
BrowseProtocols none

and restarted the service.

$ sudo service cups-browsed restart  

But if I go to settings/Devices/Printers, I still see all the network printers.
Same even if I log out and then log in, or restart the system.
But it is not that the modification to the cups-browsed.conf file is reset on reboot.

If I manually remove the printers from the Settings/Devices/Printers list (by clicking the gear button next to the “No Active Jobs” and Remove Printer), they are removed but come back on my next visit to the Printers tab. I think it is not intended that the “remove” operation is effective only while I stay inside the tab.

If I stop the cups-browsed as:

$ sudo service cups-browsed stop


$ sudo systemctl disable cups-browsed

Settings crashes and on re-opening the Settings/Devices/Printers tab, all the printers are again there.

For your information, there is only one printer visible in http://localhost:631/printers/ or in some of the printing dialogs. However, for example, the printing dialog in Chrome would show me tens of network printers.

How can I stop the system searching for network printers everytime I open Settings/Devices/Printers, or a printing dialog in Chrome?

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