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Task: My requirement is to find the minimum cache size to process the frame and details are as below:

Please help with calculations:

Consider a camera capturing a 2K resolution video at 30 FPS format is NV12.

Consider the requirement of a pre-processing step on DSP which need to
be applied on the captured video by directly streaming the data in to
the cache of the DSP.

DSP @800MHZ @10x step Cycles, 64 bytes of data, Q. what is the minimum data size needed to stream a cache of 30FPS?

If the DSP is running at 800 MHZ and the processing step needs 10
Cycles of DSP for processing 64 bytes of Data, what is the minimum
data Size that need to be streamed in the cache so that 30FPS is met.

Q. Can any one also comment if the DSP running at 800 MHz will suffice for doing a pre-processing of 4K video at 30FPS?

Q. Can any one please help me understanding the minimum cache size required in such senarios. I googled about cache but no where found the size relations with the frequency.

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