#StackBounty: #emms Can EMMS prevent my laptop from going to sleep?

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Q: how do I keep EMMS from allowing my laptop to go to sleep?

I use EMMS to play music files. When I’ve got a long playlist going, I expect it to keep my laptop awake and continue working through the playlist, even when I’m not otherwise interacting with my laptop.

However: my laptop still falls asleep at its regularly scheduled time if I don’t touch it. It seems to be the case that the laptop reaches the “go to sleep after X minutes” mark that I’ve set, finishes whatever track EMMS is currently playing, and then goes to sleep. It then begins the next track on the playlist immediately after it wakes up.

I’d like to have continuous play without needing to intervene. Currently, I have to tap a key or jiggle the trackpad every 15 minutes or so to prevent the sleep, which is obviously silly. How do I get continuous play and have EMMS prevent the laptop from sleeping?

FWIW: this is a problem on laptops with Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu) and OSX.

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