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I would like to get the bibliography style of the Kelley’s book General Topology:
enter image description here
enter image description here

I’ve been reading the options that LaTeX has here and there is no one like Kelley’s book apparently.

Is it possible to get what I want?


PD: I haven’t said it but it is supposed to use the standard bibtex, i.e. data_base.bib + style_file.bst, but I don’t mind if I would need extra packages.


Following @moewe’s advice I’m going to highlight what is the main part I want to recreate. It is obviously the format

Author (in sc)
Cite (indented and restarted with each new atuthor).

The format of the proper cite doesn’t mind. For example, I would like

Title (Edition), Editorial, Country (Year). Notes

for books and maybe

Title, Journal, Volume (in bf) Pages (year) for journals,

but it doesn’t matter at all.

What I would like to have a field subtitle to be able to write subtitles right, because sometimes they are written in note fields.

And finally, if I use cite{kuratowski:topologie2}, I want to obtain Kuratowski [2] automatically.


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