#StackBounty: #debian #gnome3 #nautilus #sushi How to troubleshoot system halt on repeated launch of Sushi in Debian?

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This problem Of Gnome Sushi has persisted long time in Debian Stretch.
It is connected to the preview manager, Sushi, in the file manager, which breaks the system

  • if you type any other key before the loading preview window is successful.
  • or you repetedly open Sushi with space – – I think the problem is connected with pressing some other key while the preview window of Sushi is not yet loaded.

I do not find the approriate bug report about the case here in the Nautilus bug tracker.

  1. Press space to preview a file, etc a big .ppt/.pdf/… file.
  2. Try to move away from the file, while the system is loading the preview.
  3. Result: keyboard is not sensititive any more, only mouse moves, but no TTY switch works etc.

Verified the problem with 10th Jan 2018 Debian version too in the second hardware.

OS: Linux Debian Stretch 9.1
Window manager: Gnome stable
Ticket: Gnome Nautilus here
Hardware: Asus Zenbook UX303UA R4028T

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