#StackBounty: #google-play-store #root-access #twrp #huawei How do you install Google Play on Huawei Enjoy 7?

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Recently I purchased a Huawei Enjoy 7 from China and brought it back to Canada. (This phone is available only for purchase in China but it works perfectly fine in Canada and the states)

Basically it isn’t that easy to get Google Play / Other Google Apps (beacause the phone was meant for China)

I have tried just getting the Google Play Store, as well as Google Play Services from a APK downloader online, but it just shows “Install Core GMS Packages to use google play” This is my main problem.

Huawei phones like the Mate series or the P series (meant for America) can just download an APK for the GMS Installer. But on the Huawei Enjoy 7, it doesn’t work. (same message when opening google play)

Here’s where I find that it gets tricky, according to this forum post and this other stack exchange post, you need to use TWRP to install GMS. (the stack exchange one isn’t exactly relevant to my situation because it is a Mate 9)

To anyone experienced with computers/android using TWRP or something that has full access to your phone can have damaging consequences if done wrong. The forum post has a small guide that can somewhat help but it isn’t very clear. This other stack exchange post also shows how to use TWRP (there are also links to official guides) but it isn’t exactly the same as what the forum post suggests me to do.

My phone is currently running 7.0 nougat and not rooted (EMUI 5.0 I think). And I have the correct “Open GApps project” file on my computer and my phone.

What I want is a very clear and detailed guide that has official information to back it up to show my how to properly install Google Play on a Huawei Enjoy 7 using TWRP. Or if there are any other methods on how to do so. I may add a 50 REP bounty to this is necessary.

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