#StackBounty: #networking #windows-10 Windows 10 internet connection fails regularly

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Since I installed Windows 10 I have had weird internet failures.
It’s bound to happen everytime I use the computer and the only way I’m able to “revert” it or “solve” it is by restarting my system.

I can’t access any websites besides Google. And internet based applications like Discord, Hexchat etc is not working. And this just happens whenever, I can’t link a specific action to this fault, I can be idle on the PC and suddenly it simply can’t connect in any way besides to Google’s domain.

Windows diagnostics can’t find anything of course and I have updated all my Motherboards drivers.

I have no clue on what else to include into this post since I have no real clue as of what is happening or, why.

I also have tried multiple cables.


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