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One of my users cannot work with RSS feeds. The problem was originally noticed with Outlook (where we get error 0x800C0008), but we can reproduce the problem with Internet Explorer

  • Calling any RSS feed URL in IE results in “The download of this feed was interrupted”. We even created a dummy rss feed on a http web server in our LAN to exclude proxy or https-certificate problems – no change
  • Other users (including newly created users) do not have the problem on the same machine (we are working with RDP)
  • Resetting IE to default settings: The problem persists
  • Deleting the roaming profile and having the problem user start with a fresh profile: The problem persists
  • Making the user a Domain Administrator: Problem solved

Of course, making the user a domain admin is not an option. What can be the cause of the described behaviour? Per the experiment with a fresh profile, it cannot be personal settings; per the test as administrator, it cannot really be an interrupted connection (as the error message tries to suggest).

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