#StackBounty: #docker #cloudera Failed to find `/usr/bin/docker-quickstart` when running CDH5 Docker image

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I’ve downloaded the CDH 5.12 Quickstart Docker image from Cloudera but it fails to run.

$ docker import cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.12.0-0-beta-docker.tar.gz
$ docker run --hostname=quickstart.cloudera --privileged=true -t -i 8fe04d8a5547 /usr/bin/docker-quickstart
docker: Error response from daemon: oci runtime error: container_linux.go:265: starting container process caused "exec: "/usr/bin/docker-quickstart": stat /usr/bin/docker-quickstart: no such file or directory".

On the other hand, doing docker pull cloudera/quickstart:latest gives me an image for which the above works – it’s just an older one (5.07 I believe).

This blog post suggests that something changed around CDH 5.10. How then am I supposed to run newer images?

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